Players and Conorvirus (Covid-19)

Firstly and bit of a shout out to our Pennant players for tomorrow’s Round.

As a pre-caution, based on various advice from Health Authorities, it may be a good idea to avoid shaking hands, such as before of after matches, with your opponents.

While this may sem to be a bit extreme – better safe than sorry.

Also, below is an extract from Drouin Golf and Country Club’s Newsletter to Members. Your own Club has probably sent out similar messages but if not, there’s some valuable advice penned by DGCC Chair, Diane Sullivan – an experienced Health Consultant.

Coronavirus (Covid-19)  Alert     

As all (DGCC) members would have been aware, a pandemic has been declared by the world health organisation.  Daily and hourly alerts and guidelines are being released by health authorities in Australia. The health and wellbeing of our members, staff and visitors is paramount and we urge you all to adhere to the guidelines and statements issued by our health authorities.

Drouin Golf & Country Club is taking precautions to assist in limiting the spread of the virus and encourages all members to adhere to health authority precautions such as avoiding personal contact (eg. Shaking hands, kissing when greeting or finishing games), observing hand hygiene by washing hands frequently and using santisers that are available in the clubhouse.  Also, not entering the clubhouse if you have any symptoms or if you have been in contact with any persons who have symptoms, or if you have recently returned from overseas and have cause to believe you may have been at risk.

Fortunately golf is an outdoor activity and it is not necessary for players to be within a couple of metres from one another and we do not have spectators for regular play, so this indicates we will continue to have competitions going forward.

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  1. Great initiative and sensible thinking on your clubs part , everyone should be understanding that these measures are in the best interest of everyone’s health and safety

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