2020 Calendar of Club Events open to GWG Club Members

(V14 March 2020)

NOTE: to be eligible to be listed for publication in the GWG Calendar, events MUST be ‘open’ to any member of any Golf West Gippsland Club

The complete list of 90 events goes over three pages. See “next” at the bottom of the page.

Event NameHostVenue
5th - Sunday Open Mixed CanadianTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club 9-9.30
5th - Sunday Garfield PlateGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
12th - Sunday Traralgon PlateTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
18th - SaturdayOpen Mens & Womens 4BBB StablefordTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
19th - Sunday Hipwell PlateMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
19th - SundayVic Four-Ball Championship - Regional QualifyingTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
25th - SaturdayBMW Pro-AmWarragulWarragul Country Club
26th - SundayMirboo North Open DayMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
29th + 30thTraralgon Pro-AmTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
31st - 2nd FebTraralgon ClassicTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
2nd - Sunday Open DayChurchill-MonashChurchill-Monash Golf Club
28th - Friday Drouin Womens Silver Salver (Bowl)DrouinDrouin Country Club
5th - Thursday Deep Creek Womens BowlDeep CreekDeep Creek Golf Club
6th - Friday to 9th - Monday Mirboo North TournamentMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
13th - Friday Open Womens Cath Little Day - 4BBB StablefordMorwellMorwell Golf Club
19th - Thursday Deep Creek Womens (Pink) Open DayDeep CreekDeep Creek Golf Club
20th - Friday Garfield Womens BowlGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
27th - Friday Makayla Cook Charity DayDrouinDrouin Country Club
28th - SaturdayBrian Rankin Open 4BBB Stableford MedleyMoeMoe Golf Club
29th - SundaySRD 5 Man Ambrose DayGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
3rd - Friday Open Pink & Blue Charity Day Mens and Womens 4BBB StablefordMorwellMorwell Golf Club
4th - Saturday to
5th - Sunday
Warragul ClassicWarragulWarragul Country Club
8th - Wednesday Traralgon Womens Open DayTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
15th - Wednesday to 19th - Sunday Garfield TournamentGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
17th - FridayMoe 123 DayMoeMoe Golf Club
18th - Saturday Open Kevin Barr Memorial Father & Son 4BBB StablefordTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
21st & 23rd - Tuesday and Thursday Drouin TournamentDrouinDrouin Country Club
21st - TuesdayLicencees DayMoeMoe Golf Club
25th & 26th - Saturday and Sunday Drouin TournamentDrouinDrouin Country Club
26th - Sunday Anne Reid Day Open Mixed AmericanTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
1st - Friday Morwell Womens BowlMorwellMorwell Golf Club
3rd - SundayChurchill PlateChurchill-MonashChurchill-Monash Golf Club
16th & 17th GA Men's Country Championships (TBC)
22nd - Friday June Woznica DayMoeMoe Golf Club
29th - FridayYallourn Women's Bronze TeamsYallournYallourn Golf Club
5th - Friday Open Womens Housewives Day StablefordMorwellMorwell Golf Club
15th - Monday Trafalgar Womens Open DayTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
21st - Sunday Wedding Bells Plate Aggregate Mixed StablefordMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
28th - SundayYallourn Winter Open 1 Person AmbroseYallournYallourn Golf Club
17th - Friday to 19th - Sunday Vic Womens Country Championships
26th - SundayYallourn Winter Open 1 Person AmbroseYallournYallourn Golf Club
1st - SaturdayOpen 4BBB Par Bob Taylor MemorialYallournYallourn Golf Club
29th - Sat to 30th - Sunday Vic Womens & Mens Sand Green ChampionshipsGALoch Sport GC
30th - SundayYallourn Winter Open 1 Person AmbroseYallournYallourn Golf Club
4th - Friday Moe Womens BowlMoeMoe Golf Club
9th - Wednesday Warragul Womens Open DayWarragulWarragul Country Club
10th - ThursdayTin Can Day 4BBB StablefordGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
12th - Saturday Open 4 Person Family Ambrose StablefordYallournYallourn Golf Club
13th - Sunday Keenan Memorial Open Mixed Canadian TBCMorwellMorwell Golf Club
16th - Wednesday Traralgon Open 4BBB - Gipps AutomotiveTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
18th - Friday Mirboo North Womens Open DayMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
26th - SaturdayOpen 2 Person Ambrose Grand Final DayYallournYallourn Golf Club
28th - Monday to 30th - Wednesday GA Country WeekGA
2nd - Friday Traralgon Pink Charity DayTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
6th - Tuesday Churchill Monash Open Womens DayChurchill-MonashChurchill-Monash Golf Club
8th - Thursday & 9th - FridayGA Doris Chambers State FinalsGAVarious metrolpolitan courses.
9th - FridayWarragul Womens BowlWarragulWarragul Country Club
11th - Sunday Ellis Tinker Open MixedWarragulWarragul Country Club
12th - Monday Mirboo North Womens BowlMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
17th - Saturday Rick Gauci Memorial PlateYallournYallourn Golf Club
24th - Saturday to 29th - Thursday Warragul Annual TournamentWarragulWarragul Country Club
24th - SaturdayOpen Guests Day StablefordMorwellMorwell Golf Club
25th - Sunday Mirboo North OpenMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
26th - Monday Trafalgar Womens BowlTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
29th - Thursday Marg Blake Memorial DayDeep CreekDeep Creek Golf Club
30th - Friday Yallourn Women's BowlYallournYallourn Golf Club
31st - Saturday Open Mens & Womens 4BBB Stableford (Max and Allan Roberts Sponsors)TrafalgarTrafalger Golf Club
1st - SundayBlue Ribbon Day - 4 BallMoeMoe Golf Club
5th - Thursday to 8th - SundayGippsland Super SixYallournYallourn Golf Club
6th - Friday Churchill Monash Womens BowlChurchill-MonashChurchill-Monash Golf Club
8th -Sunday Warragul PlateWarragulWarragul Country Club
8th - Sunday Open Mixed YankeeTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
11th - Wednesday Morwell Womens Invitation DayMorwellMorwell Golf Club
15th - Sunday Gerry Butler PlateDrouinDrouin Country Club
20th - Friday Traralgon Womens BowlTraralgon Golf Club
22nd - SundayTrafalgar PlateTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
27th -29th, Friday to SundayYallourn Monash Views Pro-amYallournYallourn Golf Club
29th - Sunday Ben Boon PlateMoeMoe Golf Club
6th - Sunday David Bull Open MixedDrouinDrouin Country Club
6th - SundayYallourn PlateYallournYallourn Golf Club
13th - Sunday Morwell PlateMorwellMorwell Golf Club
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