Important Information Regarding the 2021 GWG Men’s Pennant

In response to queries rasied by Clubs, GWG Match & Play has reviewed the 2021 Pennant Rules Handbook to clarify some areas of concern.

In addition, GWG Preisident, Fran Renehan has provided the following for Pennant Captains, Managers and Players;

  1. 8 AM will be the hit off time for round 1 January 31, 2021 pennant as outlined on the tee allocation sheets and the rule book.
  1. Rule 4.1.4 has been modified to allow team lists to be submitted 15 minutes prior to 8 AM.  Pennant captains are strongly encouraged to email the host club the team list on Saturday evening.
  1. Rule requests that players are ready to play 10 minutes prior to 8 AM.
  1. Rule 4.7.1 allows for Scratch players to use carts but that a medical certificate must be produced on request.
  1. Handicap order is based on the current daily handicap for each player.
  1. Tee Allocations.  Host Clubs are welcome to modify the tee allocation draw to suit the course layout.  The modified allocation must be clearly available to players prior to hit-off time.
  1. Food provision.  As per 2020, players pay $5 for a basic lunch.  Competing teams must pay the Host Club on the day.  GWG is not involved in this transaction.

Please address any commentary directly to the GWG President ( .  This information will appear on the GWG website.  All other versions of the rule book are now void.

Download the 25/01/2021 Vesion of the 2021 Men’s Pennent Rules Handbook here.

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