GWG Pennant Hit by CoVid Lockdown.

GWG Men’s Match & Play has issued the following notice:

In light of 5 day STATEWIDE lockdown announced this afternoon – round 3 cannot proceed.

Today’s announcement by M&P will affect the 3 Pennant Divisions differently;

Scratch – Round 3 is moved to 21st of March and the course venue is changed from Mirboo North to Traralgon. (TBC)

Handicap 1 & 2 – ALL contests are halved and ALL matches are squared for round 3.

Revised draws have been released which can be downloaded and printed;

Scratch Draw v4.

Handicap 1 Draw v4

Handicap 2 Draw v4

Fran Renehan
GWG President
on behalf of M&P

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