GWG 2021 Men’s Pennant Rules and Tees

Just one week to go till the GWG 2021 Men’s Pennant Competition begins with matches being played at Drouin and at Warragul.

The revised Rulebook for the 2021 GWG Men’s Pennant is now available. Click here for more information.

Also released today are the Tee Allocations for Round 1 to be played at Drouin and Warragul. Again, click here for more information.

And an important note for Scratch Teams and those Handicap 2 Teams that are playing at Drouin – the 2 new holes will be in play.

Watch out for the water on the right when coming up the new 3rd hole.

2 thoughts on “GWG 2021 Men’s Pennant Rules and Tees”

  1. The link to the tee allocations doesn’t work.
    The pennant rule book dated the 16/1 now has a start time of 8.00am although the times for submitting team sheets still refers to 8.30 8.40 8.50 as per the version dated the 16/1 previously on the website that has a start time of 9.00am…
    Your version of pennant 2 round 6 has all games at Moe. The fixture sent out has two at Moe and two at Deep Creek.
    The spreadsheet working document sent to clubs has all round 6 pennant 2 games at Moe, Warragul pennant two round 6 playing Drouin at Moe and the fixture has them playing at Deep Creek…
    Can these issues please be reviewed and an urgent answer to the start time especially.

    1. Warren,
      I’ve just fixed the link. I am trying to get more information on the other matters you raise.

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