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Handicap Division 1

Handicap Division 2


GWG 2022 Pennant SCRATCH
Teams:Drouin, Mirboo North, Morwell, Traralgon, Warragul, Yallourn
Round 1DrawTee TimesTee
3/04/2022Yallourn V Warragul9.00am1st
@ MorwellTraralgon V Mirboo Nth9.45am1st
Morwell V Drouin10.30am1st
Round 2DrawTee TimesTee
10/04/2022Mirboo Nth V Drouin9.00am1st
@ TraralgonMorwell V Warragul9.45am1st
Traralgon V Yallourn10.30am1st
Round 3DrawTee TimesTee
1/05/2022Drouin V Yallourn9.00am1st
@ WarragulMirboo Nth V Morwell9.45am1st
Warragul V Traralgon10.30am1st
8/05/2022MOTHERS DAY
Round 4DrawTee TimesTee
15/05/2022Warragul V Mirboo Nth9.00am1st
@ YallournYallourn V Morwell9.45am1st
Drouin V Traralgon10.30am1st
Round 5DrawTee TimesTee
22/05/2022Drouin V Warragul9.00am1st
@ DrouinYallourn V Mirboo Nth9.45am1st
Traralgon V Morwell10.30am1st
Semi-FinalsDrawTee TimesTee
29/05/20222 V 39.00am1st
@ Mirboo North1 V 49.00am10th
FinalsDrawTee TimesTee
@ Moe1 or 4 V 2 or 3

GWG 2022 Pennant HANDICAP 1
Teams:Churchill Monash, Deep Creek, Drouin, Garfield, Moe, Morwell, Trafalgar, Traralgon,Warragul, Yallourn
Round 1DrawTee TimesTee
27/03/2022Moe V Yallourn1 to 4
@ MoeWarragul V Churchill Monash9am4 to 7
Trafalgar V TraralgonShotgun8 to 11
Garfield V Deep CreekStart11 to 14
Drouin V Morwell15 to 18
Round 2DrawTee TimesTee
3/04/2022Yallourn V Drouin1 to 4
@ YallournMorwel V Trafalgar9am4 to 7
Deep Creek V WarragulShotgun8 to 11
Traralgon V GarfieldStart11 to 14
Churchill Monash V Moe15 to 18
Round 3DrawTee TimesTee
10/04/2022Deep Creek V Churchill Monash1 to 4
@ Deep CreekWarragul V Traralgon9am4 to 7
Drouin V MoeShotgun8 to 11
Trafalgar V YallournStart11 to 14
Garfield V Morwell15 to 18
Round 4DrawTee TimesTee
24/03/2022Morwell V Warragul1 to 4
@ MorwellYallourn V Garfield9am4 to 7
Moe V Deep CreekShotgun8 to 11
Traralgon V Churchill MonashStart11 to 14
Drouin V Trafalgar15 to 18
Round 5DrawTee TimesTee
1/05/2022Drouin V Garfield1 to 4
@ DrouinChurchill Monash V Morwell9am4 to 7
Yallourn V WarragulShotgun8 to 11
Deep Creek V TraralgonStart11 to 14
Trafalgar V Moe15 to 18
8/05/2022MOTHERS DAY
Round 6DrawTee TimesTee
15/05/2022Moe V Traralgon1 to 4
@TraralgonGarfield V Trafalgar9am4 to 7
Warragul V DrouinShotgun8 to 11
Yallourn V Churchill MonashStart11 to 14
Morwell V Deep Creek15 to 18
Round 7DrawTee TimesTee
22/05/2022Trafalgar V Deep Creek1 to 4
@ TrafalgarTraralgon V Drouin9am4 to 7
Morwell V YallournShotgun8 to 11
Moe V WarragulStart11 to 14
Churchill Monash V Garfield15 to 18
Round 8DrawTee TimesTee
29/05/2022Warragul V Trafalgar1 to 4
@ WarragulGarfield V Moe9am4 to 7
Traralgon V MorwellShotgun8 to 11
Churchill Monash V DrouinStart11 to 14
Deep Creek V Yallourn15 to 18
@ Moe

GWG 2022 Pennant HANDICAP 2
Teams:Deep Creek, Drouin, Garfield, Mirboo North, Morwell, Trafalgar, Traralgon, Warragul
Round 1DrawTee TimesTee
27/03/2022Traralgon V Morwell9am1 to 4
@TraralgonGarfield V WarragulShotgun4 to 7
Deep Creek V TrafalgarStart10 to 13
Drouin V Mirboo Nth13 to 16
Round 2DrawTee TimesTee
3/04/2022Warragul V Deep Creek9am1 to 4
@WarragulMirboo Nth V TraralgonShotgun4 to 7
Garfield V DrouinStart10 to 13
Morwell V Trafalgar13 to 16
Round 3DrawTee TimesTee
10/04/2022Trafalgar V Warragul9am1 to 4
@ TrafalgarDrouin V MorwellShotgun4 to 7
Mirboo Nth V GarfieldStart10 to 13
Traralgon V Deep Creek13 to 16
Round 4DrawTee TimesTee
1/05/2022Mirboo Nth v Trafalgar9am1 to 4
@ Mirboo NorthDrouin V TraralgonShotgun4 to 7
Warragul V MorwellStart10 to 13
Garfield v Deep Creek13 to 16
8/05/2022MOTHERS DAY
Round 5DrawTee TimesTee
15/05/2022Deep Creek V Drouin9am1 to 4
@ Deep CreekMorwell V Mirboo NthShotgun4 to 7
Trafalgar V GarfieldStart10 to 13
Traralgo V Warragul13 to 16
Round 6DrawTee TimesTee
22/05/2022Morwell V Garfield9am1 to 4
@ MorwellDeep Creek V Mirboo NthShotgun4 to 7
Warragul V DrouinStart10 to 13
Traralgon V Trafalgar13 to 16
Round 7DrawTee TimesTee
29/05/2022Garfield V Traralgon9am1 to 4
@ GarfieldTrafalgar V DrouinShotgun4 to 7
Morwell V Deep CreekStart10 to 13
Mirboo Nth V Warragul13 to 16
FinalsFINALSTee TimesTee
5/06/20221st V 2ndTBATBA
@ Moe

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