2022 – It’s nearly here, and that means MORE GOLF

Wondering what to do on the first Sunday of 2022?

Then quickly, book your place in Trafalgar Golf Club’s Open Mixed Yankee Event January 2.

It kicks off at 9.30 (assembly and registration) and a 10-15 start. Download the flyer here.

And then next Saturday (January 10), Trafalgar is holding an Open Men’s and Women’s 4BBB Stableford Competition. Download the flyer or get in touch with captain@trafalgargolf.com.au, to get on the timesheet.

But wait, Golf West Gippsland promises more. (No steak knifes unfortunately, OHS)

Sunday January 16, the choice is yours;

It’s all on, in Golf West Gippsland.

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