2021 Calendar of Events for GWG District Competitions

NOTE: to be eligible to be listed for publication in the GWG Calendar, events MUST be ‘open’ to any member of any Golf West Gippsland Club.


JanuaryDateEvent NameHostVenueContact
3rd - SundayOpen Mixed YankeeTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club 9-9.30am
10th - SundayGarfield PlateGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
10th - SundayTraralgon PlateTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
14th & 15th Thurs / FridayTraralgon Pro-Am ClassicTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
16th - SaturdayOpen Mens & Womens 4BBB StablefordTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
16th- SaturdayBMW Pro-AmWarragulWarragul Country Club
17th - SundayHipwell PlateMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
20th - WednesdayYallourn Pro-AmYallournYallourn Golf Club
21st - 24th Thurs/SundayGippsland Super 6 EventPGAYallourn Golf Club
31st - SundayVic Four-Ball Championship - Regional QualifyingGATraralgon Golf Club
31st - SundayMens Pennant - Week 1GWG Inc.Drouin & Warragul
FebruaryDateEvent NameHostVenueContact
7th - SundayMens Pennant - Week 2GWG Inc.Morwell & Trafalgar
14th - SundayMens Pennant - Week 3GWG Inc.Yallourn & Traralgon
21st - SundayMens Pennant - Week 4GWG Inc.Drouin & Yallourn
26th - FridayDrouin Women's Silver SalverDrouinDrouin Country Club
28th - SundayMens Pennant - Week 5GWG Inc.Garfield & Warragul
MarchDateEvent NameHostVenueContact
3rd - WednesdayOpen Women's Cath Little Day - 4 ball StablefordMorwellMorwell Golf Club
5th - 8th Friday-MondayTournamentMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
13th - SaturdayLeukemia Day 4 BallYallournYallourn
14th - SundayMens Pennant - Week 6GWG Inc.Moe & Deep Creek
15th - MondayYallourn Women’s BowlYallournYallourn Golf Club
19th - FridayOpen Pink and Blue Cancer Fundraising DayMorwellMorwell Golf Club
21st - SundayMens Pennant - Week 7GWG Inc.Moe & Mirboo North
22nd - MondayWomens Pennant - Week 1GWG Inc.(TBC)
25th - ThursdayPink Open DayDeep CreekDeep Creek Golf Club
27th - SaturdayBrian Rankin Open 4BBB Stableford MedleyMoeMoe Golf Club
28th - SundayMens Pennant 'Finals'GWG Inc.Yallourn
29th - MondayWomens Pennant - Week 2GWG Inc.(TBC)
30th - TuesdayLadies Open Day 4 BallDrouinDrouin Country Club
AprilDateEvent NameHostVenueContact
12th - MondayWomens Pennant - Week 3GWG Inc.(TBC)
13th - TuesdayCaptains and Presidents DayDrouinDrouin Country Club
14th - 18th Weds - SundayGarfield TournamentGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
16th - FridayMoe 123 DayMoeMoe Golf Club
17th - SaturdayRick Gauci Memorial - AmbroseYallournYallourn Golf Club
17th - SaturdayOpen 4 Ball StablefordTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
19th - MondayWomens Pennant - Week 4GWG Inc.?Warragul Country Club?
20th - 25th Tues - SunDrouin TournamentDrouinDrouin
20th - TuesdayLicencees DayMoeMoe Golf Club
22nd - ThursdayDeep Creek Ladies BowlDeep CreekDeep Creek Golf Club
23rd - FridayMorwell Women's BowlMorwellMorwell Golf Club
26th MondayWomens Pennant - Week 5GWG Inc.(TBC)
MayDateEvent NameHostVenueContact
2nd - SundayChurchill PlateChurchill-MonashChurchill-Monash Golf Club
3rd - MondayWomens Pennant - Week 6GWG Inc.(TBC)
10th - MondayWomens Pennant - Week 7GWG Inc.(TBC)
17th - MondayWomens Pennant - FinalsGWG Inc.Moe Golf Club
21st - FridayJune Woznica DayMoeMoe Golf Club
23rd - SundayMens and Womens Singles ChampionshipsGWG Inc.Morwell Golf Club
24th - MondayWomens Pennant - Finals back-upGWG Inc.Moe Golf Club
28th - FridayLadies Bronze TeamsYallournYallourn Golf Club
6th - SundayMens & Womens foursomes EventGWG Inc.Traralgon Golf Club
14th - MondayTrafalgar Womens Open DayTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
20th - SundayWedding Bells Plate Aggregate Mixed StablefordMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
7th - SaturdayFour Ball Stableford Family DayYallournYallourn Golf Club
30th - MondayGWG June Woznica Country Teams EventGWG Inc.Yallourn Golf Club
3rd - FridayMoe Womens BowlMoeMoe Golf Club
4th - SaturdayFour Person AmbroseYallournYallourn Golf Club
8th - WednesdayWarragul Womens Open DayWarragulWarragul Country Club
12th - SundayKeenan Memorial Open MixedMorwellMorwell Golf Club
17th - FridayMirboo North Womens Open DayMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
25th - SaturdayOpen 2 Person Ambrose Grand Final DayYallournYallourn Golf Club
27th-29th Mon - WedsGA Country WeekGAMetropolitan (various)
4th - MondayChurchill & Monash Ladies BowlChurchill-MonashChurchill-Monash Golf Club
8th - FridayWarragul Womens BowlWarragulWarragul Country Club
10th - SundayEllis Tinker Open MixedWarragulWarragul Country Club
12th - TuesdayGymkhana Day 4 BallDrouinDrouin Country Club
15th - FridayAlma Pepperell DayGWG Inc.Churchill-Monash Golf Club
16th - SaturdayRick Gauci Memorial PlateYallournYallourn Golf Club
18th - MondayMirboo North Womens BowlMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
21st & 22nd Thurs & FriAll Gippsland Womens ChampionshipsGWG Inc.Deep Creek Golf Club
23rd - 28th Sat - ThurWarragul Annual TournamentWarragulWarragul Country Club
24th - SundayMirboo North Open DayMirboo NorthMirboo North Golf Club
25th - MondayTrafalgar Womens BowlTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
6th - SaturdayOpen Four Ball StablefordTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
7th - SundayWarragul PlateWarragulWarragul Country Club
7th - SundayOpen Mixed YankeeTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
14th - SundayGerry Butler PlateDrouinDrouin Country Club
21st - SundayTrafalgar PlateTrafalgarTrafalgar Golf Club
26th - FridayTraralgon Womens BowlTraralgonTraralgon Golf Club
28th - SundayBen Boon PlateMoeMoe Golf Club
DecemberDateEvent NameHostVenueContact
5th - SundayDavid Bull Open MixedGarfieldGarfield Golf Club
5th - SundayYallourn PlateYallournYallourn Golf Club
12th - SundayMorwell PlateMorwellMorwell Golf Club
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